Churchill College

Churchill College

Minu kodukolledž. Kui ma endale kolledžit valisin, siis juba selle tutvustuses oli kirjas, et sel on ainult üks probeem: ta on kole. Ja kesklinna losside kõrval ta seda tõesti on. Meenutab pisut TTÜ’d kui aus olla 🙂

Aga ühtlasi on see ka kõige suurema pindalaga kolledž, meil on tennise- ja jalgpalliväljakud, palju ruumi ja keskmisest suuremad toad suurte akendega. Ning turistid ei roni pidevalt uksest ja aknast sisse.

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9 Responses to Churchill College

  1. merlyn says:

    no igatahes ilm paistab ilus olevat. vastupidiselt sellele hallile ja vesisele, mis meil siin praegu pakkuda on….

  2. marek says:

    see on petlik 😛 ilm vaheldub kiiresti ja päris palju on siiski halli ka. aga sel ajal ma lihtsalt pilte ei tee.
    vihma pole eriti sadanud. eile tuli üks korralik padukas ja ma loomulikult pidin just sel ajal rattaga loengusse sõitma. brrr….

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  4. Roxie says:

    Ya learn soiehtmng new everyday. It’s true I guess!

  5. Jayne says:

    Are they absolutely necessary? No. Can they be very beclfiniae? Yes. Try them out, see how they feel, and then decide whether to stick with them or toss them aside. Thanks!

  6. Just echoing the above comments. You’re doing it right. He’s old enough that you can let him scream as long as he wants. If, night after night, you don’t give in, you’ll have him trained in a month or so. I know it sounds like torture but “this too shall pass”. I did it twice (at the same time

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  8. YEah we could have a school meeting on school grounds… Then Akerman can show up uninvited with a bus load of kids from another school to testify how they are good kids who like everyone and that you old people drinking with your wives should just stop complaining and come back to school.Then a commission can investigate and produce a report that states that no adults were at fault in the flash mob and that the violence was all over alleged missunderstandings.ya'll are right, our school district just needs to talk about this and we can all learn together.

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