Yesterday there was a job fair in the computer lab – all the companies looking for compsci employers where there with little tables. For example, some known names there were IBM, Google, Bloomberg, Broadcom, Symbian, VMWare etc. 51 total.

I explored between the stands for two hours but only got to talk to about half of them. The story was quite similar for a lot of companies – they are looking for people with basically any kinds of backgrounds to employ them mainly as software developers. But if a student has a different idea, most are willing to accommodate it or create new jobs, just as long as the bright people go to work for them.

So at least for now the economic crisis doesn’t seem to affect the IT sector too much. Some of them were even announcing, that thanks to the crisis banks are now ordering some very specific software and they are getting record profit.

In the evening I went to the presentation of Autonomy – a company that develops technology for meaning based computing, something that suits quite well with my course. The presentation was in a fancy hotel and we got a free 3-course dinner. Yum-yum :).

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