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During my bachelors, a few professors recorded their lectures and put them online so the students could download them. I thought this was great – having missed quite a few of them, I downloaded them all before the exam and played them back at 4x the speed (with adjusted pitch). This allowed me to go through 16 lectures in one day.

Minu bakalaureuseõpingute ajal salvestasid mõned professorid oma loenguid ja panid need siis netti üles, et tudengid neid alla laadida saaksid. See oli väga kasulik – kuna mul jäid päris mitu tükki vahele, siis sain need päev enne eksamit kõik 16 loengut 4x kiirusega läbi kuulata.

Due to the lack of any form of testing during my PhD, I have become somewhat less exam-oriented and more knowledge-oriented. I am glad to see that there are many options for self-educating on the internet and publicly sharing video lectures is becoming more and more common. World’s top universities have put some of their best courses on Youtube and talks by famous experts are accessible by anyone anywhere (given an internet connection of course).

Doktoriõpingute ajal olen tasapisi muutunud vähem eksamitele orienteerituks ja rohkem teadmistele orienteerituks. Mul on hea meel näha, et loengute salvestamine on saanud üha populaarsemaks. Maailma kuulsaimad ülikoolid nagu Stanford, MIT ja Yale panevad üles videosalvestisi tervetest loenguseeriatest.

Maybe you don’t like your math course? Take the one at Stanford or MIT instead. Perhaps you are just interested in black holes or Roman architecture? Take a look at what’s available. Extra education can only help in your studies and career. Here are some of my recommendations.

Võib-olla ei meeldi sulle sinu matemaatikakursus? Aga siis kuula hoopis Stanfordi oma. Või äkki tahad lihtsalt mustade aukude ja bioinformaatika kohta lisa uurida. Lisateadmised tulevad ainult kasuks, nii õpingutes kui ka töökeskkonnas. Soovitan soojalt tasuta pakutavatest ressurssidest maksimaalset võtta.

Siin on minu soovitused. Kuna loengud on kõik inglise keeles, siis jätan ka alloleva kirjelduse tõlkimata.

Silicon Valley Comes to Cambridge (SVC2C)
A few months ago I went to the event called Silicon Valley Comes to Cambridge, which brought many experts to talk about their companies and starting a business in general. The keynote speeches are now available at Here’s Mike Schroepfer from Facebook:

And Megan Smith from Google:

Stanford University
Many courses from Stanford University are freely available for viewing at their Youtube channel. These are complete, full recordings with links to lecture notes and covering a range of topics. Here are just a few examples:

Machine Learning by Professor Andrew Ng
Modern Physics: Quantum Mechanics by Leonard Susskind
iPhone Application Programming
Astrobiology and Space Exploration
Introduction to Robotics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
The MIT has done the same on their Youtube channel:

Introduction to Biology
Unified Engineering
Introduction to Copyright Law
Computational Science & Engineering I
Exploring Black Holes: General Relativity & Astrophysics

University of California, Berkeley
The same for UC Berkeley and their Youtube channel:

Peace and Conflict Studies
Electrical Engineering
Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels
International Environmental Law

Yale University
Yale has their lectures over at instead.
Financial Markets
Introduction to Ancient Greek History
Game Theory

Watch it on Academic Earth

University of Cambridge
Regrettably I have to say that while University of Cambridge has a Youtube channel, it contains only short clips and not full courses. The only thing I could find was recordings of the Machine Learning Summer School in Cambridge 2009 over at is a good general source for a range of different lectures. It is also a very well built platform, specifically designed for viewing presentations. Unlike a plain video streaming site, the main page of each talk consists of three parts – the video player, the slides and an index of all the slides. These components are all synchronized so it is easy to listen to the speaker, view high quality slides and keep track of the progress.

Apparently it contains 12705 videos at the moment so anyone interested should just go browse. Apart from lectures it also has recordings of conferences.

ACM Multimedia 2010 International Conference
MIT World Series: Fundamentals of the Brain and Mind: A Short Course in Neuroscience
Machine Learning Summer School 2010 – Canberra
CERN – Summer School 2009

Many people probably already know TED – it’s basically a conference series of interesting talks, not confined to any particular topic.

Tim Brown on Creativity and Play
Daniel Pink – The Surprising Science of Motivation
Bill Gates on Mosquitoes, Malaria and Education
J.J. Abrams’ mystery box
Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

RSAnimate is a series similar to TED except instead of live talks, you only hear the presenter while the talk is being illustrated. Difficult to explain, just watch it.

Smile or Die
The Secret Powers of Time

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