6. Bridge Hopping in Cambridge

6. Bridge Hopping in Cambridge

Bridge hopping is an old Cambridge tradition. As the punt (a special boat) passes under a bridge, you climb onto the bridge, and jump back into the punt from the other side. 🙂

I’ll be honest – I actually left this item out when I was putting together the list. Based on the bridges in central Cambridge it seemed like too much effort. I thought I would need to train and practise for quite some time, before being able to climb a bridge in one of the colleges, as there’s not much to hold on to, and they are quite high.

Well, a couple of days ago we took a punt in the other direction, towards Grantchester. On that route, there’s a bridge perfect for hopping – it’s very low and there’s plenty of options for grabbing on. So I did it 🙂

Completed 16 August, 2014

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