7. Try fasting for 24 hours

7. Try fasting for 24 hours

So, this one is a bit weird. I wanted to try and not eat anything for 24 hours.

My classmate Marius recently wrote a blog post about how he doesn’t eat on Mondays, and it sounded interesting to me. In addition to the weight loss properties, I thought it would be interesting to observe how my body performs without food. Would I get tired or grumpy? Next time I go for camping, do I need to worry too much whether I have enough food with me, or is it fine to just go without if necessary?

So I ate a full meal Sunday evening, and didn’t eat anything else until 24 hours later. Only tea (no milk or sugar) and water was allowed. I was thinking I’d go for longer, and eat again Tuesday morning, but I ended up abandoning that plan and stuck with 24 hours.

Overall, it wasn’t a fun experience really. Some observations:

  • I got slower. My reaction speed was not the same any more, and it even took more effort to focus my thoughts sometimes.
  • I was feeling somewhat lightheaded. I guess this was expected.
  • I had all this extra time. Usually eating is a whole process. You first prepare the food, then eat it, then relax for a bit before getting back to work. I usually like to watch something as I eat, and keep watching for a bit even after my food is done. Without eating, all this free time opened up.
  • I didn’t see or feel any specific benefits after fasting.

Perhaps I would get better at it if I kept doing it. But for now, I don’t think fasting is for me. I’ll just go with more exercise and a healthy choice in foods. 🙂

Completed 18 August, 2014

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