1. The Seven Sisters

1. The Seven Sisters

A few months ago I made a list of things I want to do. A list of goals, a “bucket list”, whatever you want to call it, I wrote down all the things I could think of that I want to experience. Apparently such a list is usually created in the last years of someone’s life, hence the name “bucket list”. That’s not the case for me – my list is just so long, I thought I need to get started on it as soon as possible.

I’m not enforcing any particular rules on this list. The idea is to edit this list as I like, both adding new items and removing things if I change my mind. It is a list of all sorts of items – more than half are locations that I want to visit, but it also contains exercise targets, professional and personal goals, events to attend, and experiences to experience.

I’m hoping this list will keep reminding a couple of important things:

  • We should strive towards the things we enjoy
  • We should to live life to the fullest
  • We are in control of how we spend our time

I intend to post updates here as I complete items from the list. A couple are very personal, so I’ll have to keep them private, but most will show up here as I complete them.

On June 1, 2014 I completed the first item from the list, and I visited the Seven Sisters cliffs on the south coast of England. When I was a kid, I saw some photos of these cliffs and wanted to see them myself. After living in UK for 6 years, I think it was about time to actually do it. Technically, what I wanted to see were the White Cliffs of Dover. But apparently the Seven Sisters are better looking than the actual Dover cliffs, and they are even used in movies to stand in for Dover. So I revised my plan to go see the Seven Sisters instead. In case anyone is wondering – the cliffs are called Seven Sisters because there are 7 of them.

The cliffs themselves were beautiful. There’s a large national park around them and getting to the cliffs requires quite a walk. There are several different locations for dramatic views, both above and below the cliffs. The coast makes a turn, so you can see them as if you were out in the sea. Alternatively, you can take a walk right across all the sisters.

So this was the first item on my list. I started with it, because it was one of the easier locations on there. Only a few other things can be done in UK, so it should get more challenging pretty fast 😀

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